Financial Stability Vs. Financial Freedom



50_euro_money-1920x1080 Until a couple of years ago thought that economic stability was equal to financial freedom. And when listening to appoint Financial Freedom thought it was to have a stable job and a good salary every month secured .

A day looking for marketing books fnac I came across one that caught my attention , ” Rich Dad , Poor Dad . The rich teach their children and the poor . ” The title seemed quite sensational so do not give much credibility but how it all began to browse . In the book the author ( Robert Kiyosaki ) recounted his personal history and as since childhood was influenced by the teaching of two parents, one rich and one poor so I found attractive and I bought it .

This book has been one of my best investments . Thanks to him I learned the abysmal difference between financial stability and financial freedom , which is an asset and a liability , how the money, the importance of good training on finance and most importantly how to make the money work for you, and not vice versa.

Then I explain what is stability or financial freedom.



Throughout your life you’ve been preparing ( and you have educated ) learn to be a good employee. Learning a profession, pursue a career , making a specialty all to qualify for a good job ta do earn an excellent salary . With luck, and if you ‘ve done well today you’ll be enjoying your dream job and salary.

Spend an average 8-11 hours a day you work for the company in exchange for a fixed monthly salary, and hopefully when you ‘re 65 you will retire by staying a paid retirement.

This is more “comfortable” system we have been accepting since the industrial revolution. Just worry about fitting in and being part of the system to feel stable. You just have to turn around an economic hub ( company to work ) for 40 hours a week to have a fixed monthly salary.

Estabilidad Esconómica

Now I wonder what happens if you leave your job for a month or two , and what happens if you change your city or country ? What if your company fires you , and what happens if your company closes or goes bankrupt? . The answer is simple , LEAVE TO COLLECT YOUR MONEY . In the best case you can quickly find another job before your savings run out ( if you have them ) .


This concept but may be similar to above have great differences.
Imagine you have several real estate leased you generate a monthly income and a business which has delegated a team of professionals that keep working 40 hours a week to generate money.

It is this example the money revolves around a single axis, YOU .

Libertad Financiera

Now I ask you , What if you take a vacation of a month or two , and what happens if you change your city or country ? , What if one of your sources of money bankruptcy ? . Very simple also STILL WINNING MONEY that the worst may have to reinvest in creating or buying another source of money.

MILLION QUESTION : Financial Freedom ?

In this life to choose any of the two options is as simple as studying , learning and working to achieve it. The key to getting either situation is to ask the following:

What I really want , Economic Stability and Financial Freedom ?

When you have decided to have clear and reached 50% of your target.

If you’ve opted to Financial Freedom , the first thing you have to know is that it is an asset and a liability and know how money works . I can assure you that it is easier than you think.