Twitter Follow Button on WordPress

In any blog worth its salt is advisable to display a button ” Follow me on Twitter ” which is visible in the sidebar. Depending on the platform you use management blogs there are several ways to do this , for example, there are WordPress plugins that handle this task automatically. However, Twitter itself gives us an option to insert HTML as text widget in any sidebar. I use WordPress for many reasons, and how to insert is as follows ( in other platforms is very similar):

To get your custom button ” Follow me on Twitter ” follow these steps:

1. Access to this link to generate the HTML code for your button.

2. Select the type of button ” Follow “.



botón twitter

3. Enter your username and select the button appearance ( I like my user appears and the button is large) and language .

botón twitter 2

4. Copy the HTML code that is generated . Look at the preview of how it will look .

botón twitter 3

5. Access your blog and paste to a text widget in your sidebar (or wherever you want to include in your site / blog). This is done in WordPress:

botón twitter 4

Ready !

Look at the sidebar of my blog , just below my photo , how would . I advise to use this system because the button is quite striking , but if you see that does not work try with this code replaces ” youruser ” for your Twitter user :

Follow  @youruser”><a href=”; data-show-count=”true”> Follow @ youruser < / a>