It’s that easy to use as shortener links is a tool to share feeds in social networks automatically. They have many interesting options , na them is to use Adfly links as default shortener . If you are using Twitterfeed is this other tutorial.

The best way to increase our profits with is busiest and / or links. If you publish content via this post will interest you , but a lot. is one of those services to share a feed in different social networks. It is one of the most used lately and has many interesting options. One is to use as the default link shortener because , can use APIs of third parties.

This is achieved through Adfly API , which is obtained from a web address . So we can earn extra money for each click to make our friends and followers from Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , etc. .


The first thing to do, in the case of is to open your account, go to settings and once inside , go Shortlinks . Add a new shortener pressing the button. You will get a window like the image above. Give it a name , is a good example .

Now go to and tools go to the API Documentation . Copy the code to be something like this:

and replace it with this: = @ URL @

Note: @ URL @ You should not enter the URL. You should leave it how it is .

You must also know that we can continue to choose between whether to display a banner or a full page from the link Adfly . The banner is less intrusive but worse paid . To put a banner you must change by advert_type advert_type = int = banner.

Adfly can enter a shortener ? Third party?
No … ; shortener third 🙂

Paste the code into Dlvr , box endpoint. Then you select the boxes that interest you and ready :

    The first box is for Adfly apply to all existing routes .
    The second is marked as default shortener for new routes .
    and the third sends links if you’re interested keep watching the statistics.

If you are you using another publisher feeds in social networks like have nothing more to follow carefully the instructions on the screen indicating you and copy your code from the tab ” Tools” and ” API Documentation” .

[ – shorten links and earn money! ]

Hope you help and serve new benefits.



Join us in if you have not done already .



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