10 tips for making profits with adfly

These are 10  tips you should keep in mind and which will undoubtedly increase your profits with adfly links

  •     Getting used to use the bookmarklet . Marker is that, instead of pointing to a URL sends the address of the web we have to open and returns us to Adfly shortened with making money . You never know when a link is going to give lots of visitors .
  •     If you post content on your blog in social networks and the like do not hesitate to Use Adfly links as shortener Dlvr.it or TwitterFedd . You can set it to display a banner or a full-page ad .
  •     Place the banner on your blog Adf.ly to get referrals . Adfly doing advertising but for every new user you will get 20% equal to what they get . If the theme of your site is not very consistent with this type of service maybe you should add in a suitable location a little explanation and a text link instead of a banner.
  •     Familiarize yourself with all the tools Adfly :

The Full Page Script to use all the links on a page as if they were Adfly .
The Website Entry Script that appears in a pop- up visitors newcomer and you can configure to display each time.
The Easy Link which serves the same but we just Andir http://adf.ly/?id= before the address of your site , where 1494656 is replaced by our referral code .
but there’s more …

  •     If you share pictures or other documents regularly , either by mail or through a website, do not hesitate to use Adfly for return visits . If the links are to a web site uses the script to monetize all links and if you have a document or e-mail should use the batch tool shortener . Even better still is the EasyLink , which enables very easily modify your links already created.
  •     Become a page or downloads section. If you do not have a download section on your site and have few links in your posts would be a good idea to create a section for that purpose. You can include free books , programs, etc. .
  •     Flag of the implementation and operation of Adfly is highly recommended. So your readers know what is happening and react know (wait 5 seconds and click ” skip ad ” ) . Surely your regular readers do not mind at all and this will prevent the window closing prematurely.
  •     Inserts a link in the signature of your email and forums, plus on your Twitter and all social networking profiles, etc. you can. I recommend visiting the tools page to see which option best fits what we want .
  •     No camufles the URL of your code with other Btly type Adfly shortener . It is a good idea to camouflage , but it works. In this case, an error message appears and this Btly scare your visitors . But watch out, no one has said you can not do with other services such as LinkBucks .
  •     Post links on social networks regularly ( Facebook locks but not Twitter ) and the best times . For this there is a tool designed for this, it is Buffer . This stores your tweets or Facebook entries for publication at the time you see fit .

and last but not least ;

Use your imagination and all means at your fingertips and make your readers want to open links by adding mystery, curious pictures , laughs, etc. as appropriate. Be as creative as you can, using all that Adfly brings you more domains such as q.js and custom domain .



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