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CoinURL is one of the most popular link shorteners that pays you in bitcoins

CoinURL is one of the most popular link shorteners that pays you for each visit to your readers to make them. To repay ads shown before sending your visitors to the landing page. Payment is always in bitcoins .

CoinURL Previously announced a minimum price for ads from all countries was established and became a little more
more reliable to attract new advertisers to increase and maintain security measures to prevent cheating by some site users . Now the ads are related to the usability of users of this web address shortener .

Since last Wednesday, you may access the web interface of the language CoinURL prefer , those included in the drop down list at the top left . Of course, the Castilian is present , as well as a dozen languages.

Translation errors are abundant and obvious signs of having been made ​​automatically . From CoinURL encouraged to collaborate with best translations and even apply for a new language and need it to be yours .


It’s that easy to use as shortener links is a tool to share feeds in social networks automatically. They have many interesting options , na them is to use Adfly links as default shortener . If you are using Twitterfeed is this other tutorial.

The best way to increase our profits with is busiest and / or links. If you publish content via this post will interest you , but a lot. is one of those services to share a feed in different social networks. It is one of the most used lately and has many interesting options. One is to use as the default link shortener because , can use APIs of third parties.

This is achieved through Adfly API , which is obtained from a web address . So we can earn extra money for each click to make our friends and followers from Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , etc. .


The first thing to do, in the case of is to open your account, go to settings and once inside , go Shortlinks . Add a new shortener pressing the button. You will get a window like the image above. Give it a name , is a good example .

Now go to and tools go to the API Documentation . Copy the code to be something like this:

and replace it with this: = @ URL @

Note: @ URL @ You should not enter the URL. You should leave it how it is .

You must also know that we can continue to choose between whether to display a banner or a full page from the link Adfly . The banner is less intrusive but worse paid . To put a banner you must change by advert_type advert_type = int = banner.

Adfly can enter a shortener ? Third party?
No … ; shortener third 🙂

Paste the code into Dlvr , box endpoint. Then you select the boxes that interest you and ready :

    The first box is for Adfly apply to all existing routes .
    The second is marked as default shortener for new routes .
    and the third sends links if you’re interested keep watching the statistics.

If you are you using another publisher feeds in social networks like have nothing more to follow carefully the instructions on the screen indicating you and copy your code from the tab ” Tools” and ” API Documentation” .

[ – shorten links and earn money! ]

Hope you help and serve new benefits.



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Using shortener links as Twitterfeed

Using shortener links as Twitterfeed

twitterfeed is an application to share feeds in social networks automatically. What do these entries will be published with Adfly addresses so get more clicks.

As commented in integrating Adfly in , the best way to increase profits with is busiest and / or links.

The advantage of using Adfly in Twitterfeed is that we will get more clicks Adfly therefore increase our revenues.


The steps to implement the API in TwitterFeed are:

Once registered and logged in TwitterFeed first thing we have to do is add a Feed using the “Create New Feed” button.

In the same form we will see in the bottom of the “Advanced Settings” section , which will appreciate various configurations, where we can find ” Shorten link through” , where you select the “Custom ” option.

Add the address of the API that we get from the site Adfly , “Tools” and ” API Documentation” . We must replace the last part ( ) for this string: % @

Adfly allows shortener ? Enter a third party?
No … ; shortener third 🙂
An example would address this API ( remember to copy yours from Tools – Api Documentation) :

It should be something like this : =% @

Once reached this point and other parameters set TwitterFeed ‘re ready to win the Adfly links appear automatically on Twitter thanks to TwitterFeed and Adfly .

If you are you using another publisher feeds in social networks like TwitterFeed have nothing more to follow carefully the instructions on the screen indicating you and copy your code from the tab ” Tools” and ” API Documentation” .

Hope you help and serve new benefits you report! Do not forget to put me on track .


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10 tips for making profits with adfly

These are 10  tips you should keep in mind and which will undoubtedly increase your profits with adfly links

  •     Getting used to use the bookmarklet . Marker is that, instead of pointing to a URL sends the address of the web we have to open and returns us to Adfly shortened with making money . You never know when a link is going to give lots of visitors .
  •     If you post content on your blog in social networks and the like do not hesitate to Use Adfly links as shortener or TwitterFedd . You can set it to display a banner or a full-page ad .
  •     Place the banner on your blog to get referrals . Adfly doing advertising but for every new user you will get 20% equal to what they get . If the theme of your site is not very consistent with this type of service maybe you should add in a suitable location a little explanation and a text link instead of a banner.
  •     Familiarize yourself with all the tools Adfly :

The Full Page Script to use all the links on a page as if they were Adfly .
The Website Entry Script that appears in a pop- up visitors newcomer and you can configure to display each time.
The Easy Link which serves the same but we just Andir before the address of your site , where 1494656 is replaced by our referral code .
but there’s more …

  •     If you share pictures or other documents regularly , either by mail or through a website, do not hesitate to use Adfly for return visits . If the links are to a web site uses the script to monetize all links and if you have a document or e-mail should use the batch tool shortener . Even better still is the EasyLink , which enables very easily modify your links already created.
  •     Become a page or downloads section. If you do not have a download section on your site and have few links in your posts would be a good idea to create a section for that purpose. You can include free books , programs, etc. .
  •     Flag of the implementation and operation of Adfly is highly recommended. So your readers know what is happening and react know (wait 5 seconds and click ” skip ad ” ) . Surely your regular readers do not mind at all and this will prevent the window closing prematurely.
  •     Inserts a link in the signature of your email and forums, plus on your Twitter and all social networking profiles, etc. you can. I recommend visiting the tools page to see which option best fits what we want .
  •     No camufles the URL of your code with other Btly type Adfly shortener . It is a good idea to camouflage , but it works. In this case, an error message appears and this Btly scare your visitors . But watch out, no one has said you can not do with other services such as LinkBucks .
  •     Post links on social networks regularly ( Facebook locks but not Twitter ) and the best times . For this there is a tool designed for this, it is Buffer . This stores your tweets or Facebook entries for publication at the time you see fit .

and last but not least ;

Use your imagination and all means at your fingertips and make your readers want to open links by adding mystery, curious pictures , laughs, etc. as appropriate. Be as creative as you can, using all that Adfly brings you more domains such as q.js and custom domain .